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Corretejados, Is It Live, Or Is It Corretejados?

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Traumatic illness

Severe asthma is something that lots of people have to live with and suffer from during their whole life. This has to do with different reasons but one basic reason is that the asthma is from animals and other allergenic things that trigger this. I might say that this thing that has to do with asthma can really be something that is bad for you and I guess that this is a really good thing, something that has to be done as soon as possible. Yes, I do believe that this can be done and why not just try ...

A new software for the hotel

We've been talking a lot wether not we should get a hotel software or not. I think that we should get one. I think that it would be really good for our hotel. And the majority thinks the same way as well. So We're going for it, we're getting a software for the hotel. But first we have to find one that we'vre comfortable with. We're searching around on the internet to find something intresting. I think that this is going to work out great actually. I hope so anyway.

Because of my mum.

Can you imagine that you have to write about a painful knee joint and that you actually get a painful knee joint. I have such a thing. I have to write some articles about arthritis and what it is but since i am doing that I got pain in my wrist. My hand is painful and two of my fingers are very stiff. What if it is arthritis. Oh no, I am not going to play for the doctor herself but it is in my mind that last few days. If it stays like this i will definitely go to ...